How to upgrade from v7.x

How to find my version

This example is upgrading from version 8.8.0.

How to upgrade from v7.x (estimate 30 min.)

  • License key
  • The database
  • The management console
  • Sign.exe

How to upgrade the license key

Forward your license key to, and we'll return your upgraded license key.

With current software maintenance your license key is upgraded without any cost.

How to upgrade the SQL database

Upgrading your database does not mean that you need to upgrade from e.g. SQL Server 2005 to 2012, but only means that you need an updated database schema as eMailSignature develops over time and with all the new and planned benefits you need more space to contain the required information. This means that only new tables are added as well as new fields within your tables.

Special considerations for SQL Server 2012

Please note that you need to take this into consideration when upgrading to SQL 2012:

SQL Server 2005 and 2008 (incl. how to video)

No matter which version you are running now, we can supply you with a script that will do the upgrade for you.
And even better - you generate the script yourself! To generate your own update script please follow these guidelines carefully:

  1. Download and extract it. It contains two files:
    • dbchemaupdater.exe
    • model.xml
    Save both files to one directory (e.g. c:\temp).

  2. Open eMailSignature console and retrieve the connection string to the your database. Remove the part containing "provider=sqloledb;".

    Example: - Your connection string is:
    Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=SQLSERVER1;Initial Catalog=emailsignature;User Id=emailsignature_superuser;Password=changemenow;

    Use only this part:
    Data Source=SQLSERVER1;Initial Catalog=emailsignature;User Id=emailsignature_superuser;Password=changemenow;

  3. Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory where you unzipped the two files to. Then run this command:

    dbschemaupdater.exe /c:"Data Source=SQLSERVER1;Initial Catalog=emailsignature;User Id=emailsignature_superuser;Password=changemenow;"

    Note! Remember to replace with your own connection string and keep '/c' in lower case.

  4. This generates a file in your folder called script.sql. This file is your database upgrade script.

  5. Open SQL Server Management Studio and log on. Select your eMailSignature database (which is called 'eMailSignature' per default). 

    SQL Server Management Studio

    Run your upgrade script and your database is now successfully upgraded.

Access database is discontinued by end of 2013

Only SQL database is be supported in the future.

We strongly recommend to move to an SQL Server database now. All version of SQL Server are supported including SQL Express editions.

How to move to SQL database

  1. Connect to your Access DB and copy HTML source and template name (if you have many templates, you can copy to notepad and separate each template).
  2. Create SQL database (4 min.) and connect.
  3. Create new template and copy HTML source (remember to use the same template name).
  4. If you forgot anything, connect to your Access DB again and copy e.g. group and font settings.
  5. Create test script and test OK manually (Status Monitor updates).
  6. When all settings are OK and everything is working as expected, change you update logon script or GPO. Now users will get settings from your SQL DB.

How to move to cloud SQL database

Clients with current software maintenance can move licenses to eMailSignature 365 where the SQL database is maintained by us.

There is no additional cost when moving to eMailSignature 365.

How to upgrade the management console

Install eMailSignature on top of your existing installation and it will upgrade automatically.

How to upgrade Sign.exe

Copy Sign.exe file from the install folder to your NETLOGON share - or wherever you execute it.

C:\Program Files (x86)\eMailSignature\Sign.exe

Activate the upgraded database with your upgraded license key

eMailSignature > Configuration, copy/paste your upgraded license key:

You have now upgraded succesfully, and users will update the Status Monitor when they logon to the domain.

How to verify OK upgrade

The console and Status Monitor show latest version of eMailSignature.