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Popular brands have made eMailSignature™ the world’s most popular everyday email branding solution. Here are just a few of our clients.

Here is what they say about eMailSignature and our team...

  Gerard Honing, IS&T and Facilities Manager Benelux at Sony Music Entertainment
"I have been working with eMailSignature for over 4 years, and during this time I've experienced the professionalism and service minded culture. Their personal approach always made me feel like a valued customer, and their quick feedback and troubleshooting when we had a problem reassures me in my conviction that this is the best partner when it comes to e-mail signatures.

eMailSignature helps us greatly in our daily operations. The value of a professional signature in today's world is invaluable.

They offer us the opportunity to schedule marketing campaigns with ease, and still having a standardized look. Our marketing has gotten more professional and our business communication shows our dedication to our artist brands.

I would recommend eMailSignature to all of my business partners and colleagues. Any company that wants to have a standardized look and feel that fully supports their business objectives and adheres to any style guide, would do well to get in contact with these guys."

 Patti Bentley, IT Director at Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley USA
"eMailSignature is a great tool to maintain standardized signatures for our users. Now they have their current signatures automatically where ever they login.

The signature has links to our web site, bio information and contact information. It has made everyone's life to so much easier. And I rest easier knowing that all users are using signatures formatted the same way with our logo and current disclaimer.

Thank you eMailSignature, the support from Dave Culley was great. They got us up and running in no time!"

 Dan Cross, Director of Graphics at SVPA Architects Inc. USA  
"I love your product…set it up and got everything going on a couple of test machines…flawless!!! Thanks again for such a great product!"

 Hvacmasters United States Marvin Carter, President

"I want to follow up and let you know that your product works absolutely fantastic. I am a very happy customer and will certainly let other business owners know where to turn for a product that works so well. Please feel free to use me as a completely satisfied customer.

You went beyond the customary expectations to meet my needs. Thank you very much."

 Camden Council United Kingdom Robert Doku, Technical Service Engineer and Project Lead

"We started a project to identify and implement a suitable standard corporate email signature for 6,000 users to help strengthen our corporate image. eMailSignature was chosen primarily for its support for both Microsoft Outlook and webmail.

Twelve months later, following extensive planning and piloting, eMailSignature was successfully deployed. It has met the challenges presented by the large number of users and varied team requirements, by offering a default signature and several alternate ones to support variations.

The product's online forum is one of the best, with good response times to posted queries. The product works brilliantly with our web-based employee database, allowing users to make their own changes which can be reflected in their email signatures and reducing the service desk workload.

We take pride in having collaborated with the eMailSignature team by making suggestions, some of which have taken onboard, to improve the application further."

 Alan Boswell Group United Kingdom Richard Hartley, IT Manager

"We were looking for a tool that would enable us to bring a consistent and professional look to our outgoing email communications. At the same time, we needed to make sure that essential contact details were included in our communications and that the administration did not add to our support team’s already busy workload. With full integration with Active Directory, eMailSignature proved to be the ideal solution." "eMailSignature has enabled us to standardise the look of our outgoing email communications and apply our “house style” in a way which is transparent to end users yet simple for the IT team to administer."

 Guinness World Records United Kingdom Paul Bentley, Network & Desktop Administrator

"We were aiming to achieve 2 objectives. Firstly, to standardise Outlook signatures across the company and secondly, to attach a Guinness World Record to the end of the signatures that would automatically change everyday. EmailSignature was the best application on the market to meet our demands." "Despite the complicated nature of the project, the deployment was made easy with the simple user interface of the application coupled with expert technical support from eMailSignature."

 Briggs Group United Kingdom Jonathan Ritchie, Group IT Manager

"Very impressed with the whole package, from the sales, design, installation and support offered by eMailSignature. Emailsignature - First class assistance from the dedicated team member Dave Culley.

Managed to change over 120 Users at the click of a button. A seamless approach to what can be a complicated task. Highly Recommended."

 iNet Synergy Limited United Kingdom Phil Smith, Director

"When a client glibly said in an email to set up automatic signatures for the staff so that these are all uniform and centrally managed, I thought (equally glibly) "Fine! Knock that off later. Check out my friend Mr Google for a few ideas…" The reality is that there are many people talking about it on the net and very few clear crisp answers that address everything.

By everything, I mean: -

- Signatures in Outlook
- the use of signatures on OWA (Outlook Web Access)
- maybe different versions of Outlook
- The use of embedded signature logos in Outlook and OWA
- Staff using both Outlook and Outlook Web Access for their emails

Fortunately we came across a solution from eMailSignature. Their product, eMailSignature, had been designed to address all the criteria our client had specified. eMailSignature is presented quite simply and designed to work with a number of different user databases, but essentially for us, will work with Active Directory and MS Exchange.

That is not to say there aren't complexities and we grew to know and love the IT support team in the online Forum and the tech support staff in the Offices when we needed that extra help. The Forum response was good and we were able to implement and test suggestions rapidly with their guidance. In retrospect, following the preferred methods suggested by the support team does save a lot of time and I recommend that approach whenever possible. eMailSignature has to work with what Microsoft deliver, so if there are unresolved problems/bugs in Microsoft, then eMailSignature look for workarounds to the problem.

We found this in particular with the use of Graphics with OWA and reached a resolution by setting up more than one central signature to cover issues in certain implementations of OWA and Internet Explorer. We now have, 20 users online using eMailSignature, half of whom work remotely. Small beer to someone like RBS, with 10000s of users, but enough to deal with when there is little standardisation across the platforms.

Additional licensing is quick to add as required and the management software, Cockpit, delivers a concise picture of the system and any individual user problems. Having now learnt a great deal about the product, we feel ready to recommend this to other clients who wish to bring that extra element of professionalism to their company email correspondence."

 WithyKing United Kingdom Dave Eagle, IT Manager

"The eMailSignature software has helped us achieve a more consistent brand image to our customers, suppliers and staff in keeping with an ambitious professional services firm.

It is flexible enough to allow some variation to accommodate any special requests within the branding guidelines. The IT team have found it easy to administer and it has now gained acceptance across the firm and eliminated the many 'creative' variations on email signatures we found previously."

 IMarEST United Kingdom Ronnie van de Laak, IT Manager

"I had been battling with the branding option for our corporate email signature for some time until I discovered eMailSignature (4.9.2). Out of all the other products out there, this just seemed to tick all the boxes. The convincing point for me was the demo, which went flawlessly (in fact I inadvertently applied it to everyone via the AD GPO) and by the time I had realised, everyone had a corporate signature when they logged in! All that remained was purchasing the license (which was quick and easy).

The support I received was absolutely brilliant in this case. In the past, the headache of maintaining a standard signature was constant. The biggest issue was the logo (that big red X in its place was a plague) which was a massive overhead to manage for each problem user. eMailSignature has removed all the woes (all tickets on email signatures were closed within an hour after I finished the install). Compatibility issues between html, rich text, etc, are all put to rest …. Permanently!

I would advise anyone who is thinking of using email signatures to try this product out. The central administration is just too simple to believe! And just in case you are wary about demos and that test-to-live environment, don't be … because the safety net of picking up the phone and actually talking to someone at the other end was brilliant. I just upgraded half an hour ago and guess what? Seamless! I cannot recommend it enough and I look forward to trying out the extra modules when I get some time."

 PWP Building Services Limited United Kingdom Steve Chamberlain, I.T. Manager

"Following our re-branding exercise in December 2007, we needed a professional look for our email communications, and also needed to standardise on a format. The eMailSignature application was easy to understand and deploy and required a minimum amount of time to administer. With its' Active Directory integration it is very easy to make amendments from a central location, eliminating the very time consuming need to visit numerous individual workstations."

 Principal Investment Management Limited United Kingdom Chris Tolkien, Head of Information and Communications Technology

"We were looking for a centrally managed solution that allowed us to have a standardised signature. Other considerations included the ability to retain the logo in the mail so that the quality was retained even when the recipient was offline. EMailSignature provided this wish list, with the added benefit that the support has been very good."

 Mansell Recruitment Group Plc United Kingdom Tim Knight, IT Manager

"We found eMailSignature to be an extremely useful tool in enabling us to standardise and make our email signatures throughout the company to be much more corporate using our logos." "It is flexible to use, set up and maintain, it helps prevent users altering the layout, and also enables us to run campaigns for various users within our organisation."

 Ethos Recycling Ltd United Kingdom Colin Crawford, IT Manager

"eMailSignature proved to be invaluable in helping us to standardise our email signatures. Using Active Directory, we have been able to make the process of applying our corporate email signature a painless exercise. As part of a much larger group of companies, the process of applying different signature styles depending on which company within the group an individual belongs, was a constant pain. Using eMailSignature, this is now a breeze."

 The Metropolitan United Kingdom David Holman, Senior Systems Administrator

"We recently implemented eMailSignature across our organisation and have found it extremely useful for managing our signature policy across hundreds of users, particularly those in remote locations. We have been particularly impressed with the support offered through the web forums, helping us fine-tune the application to our needs and troubleshooting problems that arise. We are now looking forward to exploring the potential of the email campaign functionality."

 Magiglo Ltd. United Kingdom Neil Jordan, IT Manager

"In looking for an effective solution to the problem of standardising email signatures, it was essential that a number of features needed to be found: The software needed to prevent administrators or users having to try and format each machine individually so that the signature was of a standard format; The information it contained needed to always be correct, and updated immediately when required; It needed to be such that the user could see the signature before the email was sent; We also wanted to reduce the impact of adding in new software for Outlook to use as an add-in. The only solution that seemed to fulfil all these requirements was eMailSignature. By the time we added the benefit of having marketing messages in addition to the standard information, timed to start and finish when we want, and the ability to set a standard font for emails, we cannot see anything that would be better for us. The Technical Support system makes you feel that you are actually being listened to and are treated as a valuable client."

 Savills Australia Luke Jarden, System Administrator

"There were no issues with installation at all. The fact that there was no requirement for complex mail server integrations, meant we were able to migrate the eMailSignature database from a Microsoft SQL 2000 to a Microsoft SQL 2005 server in a matter of minutes; without any hiccups. The major benefit of using eMailSignature is achieving a strong brand consistency and subsequently maintaining a professional image."

 Dynamic Supplies Pty Ltd Australia Rhys Jones, IT Admin

"I just want to say that i am both very impressed with your product and your customer service so thank you!" obm Consulting Australia Andrew Watson, IT Desktop Systems Co-ordinator "We finally did the rebranding on the weekend and I had a chance at last to use this product live. It was fantastic, I am over the moon with this. I've saved me so much time using this. You don't know how excited I was see this project roll out so smoothly.

As a IT tech it took me roughly a day to setup, prep and test. After that it did all the work itself, we even had our CFO saying how impressed she was. Our board eyeballs and scrutinises anything and everything that we spend but I can quote that our CFO she said that "its already paid for itself" so far after using it for 3 days, we have never had coments from the company like that before and they are really interested to start using the campaign module.

Before we use to create the signature like the one attached in photoshop using psd file etc. I've probably saved over 1-2hrs for every for about 90 users, and all the post crap that comes with adjusting errors and making personal preference changes. Its also fixed a on going issue compatibility that mdaemon mail server has with lotus notes. Before lotus would strip attachments from users who used the mdaemon outlook connector client because it didn't like in-line graphics in the mine code.

Now we've put the main logo on our public website and created a non embeded web link graphic and its now bypasses an issue we've had ongoing for two years."

 Ster Netherlands Marc Punte, IT Administrator

"You are right my time is valuable ( according to my manager anyway ), but my day just became a lot less busy. Before eMailSignature our helpdesk had to run after every user who had trouble designing the correct signature. ( only about 95 out of 100 ) And since we don`t use roaming profiles anymore the guys from the helpdesk did a lot of running...

Not to mention the times when our communication-department decided to implement a new company logo or temporary disclaimer. Installing and licensing the tool > 2 minutes Moving the database to a network share > 30 seconds Explaining the in house designer the general idea and providing him with his own dashboard > 10 minutes over coffee I guess further testing and implementing will take another hour or two of my 'valuable time'. What to do for the rest of the day?"

 Netpartner Denmark Henrik Gregers Jørgensen, Konsulentchef

"Så har jeg endelig langt om længe fået lov til at frivgive produktet. Det spiller maks."

 A. Espersen Denmark Jesper Bøwes, IT consultant

"Vi har en periode benyttet anden e-mail signatur program, men var ikke helt tilfreds, dels fordi det kræver at der installeres et program på alle pc'ere der skal benytte e-mail signaturen, dels fordi det kræver indgående kendskab til XML kodning, hvis man vil lidt mere end den indbyggede WYSIWYG editor. Vores organisation er spredt over flere lande i Europa, derfor har vi behov for at have forskellige signatur layout, alt efter hvor i organisationen brugerne befinder sig, tidligere løsning under støttede heller ikke dette.

Vi har med eMailSignature fundet den løsning der opfylder Vores krav og behov. Vi behøver ikke at installere et program på pc'erne for at brugerne får en signatur, signatur layout styrer vi nu via "Active Directory" "Organizational Units" og design af signaturerne er blevet meget nemmere med den medfølgende editor."

 Syddjurs Kommune Denmark Anders Rasmussen, Projektleder

"Tak for sidst! - Jeg er i fuld gang med at implementere eMailSignature-systemet - fedt system!!!! :)"

 Hummel Denmark Anders Lunde, Marketingassistent

"Da vores grafiske designer i forvejen havde udviklet nye visitkort med personlige yndlingscitater m.m. og efterfølgende hørte om eMailSignature, var det naturligvis helt oplagt også at bruge den personlige signatur i vores emails, da vi jo sender langt flere emails ud af huset, end vi får delt visitkort ud."

 VisitDenmark Denmark Finn Lassen, IT-chef "

Da vi skiftede navn fra Danmarks Turistråd til VisitDenmark var det oplagt at opdatere vores e-mail kommunikation. Tidligere skulle vi ændre data ved hver eneste PC, men med eMailSignature™ kan informationerne i alle ansattes e-mails ændres centralt." | En vigtig brik i VisitDenmarks nye identitet?


 Riedel Bau AG Holding Deutschland Rüdiger Umhöfer, IT / TK-Koordination

"Die Nutzung des Email-Systems als Kommunikationsmittel hat in den letzten Jahren immer mehr an Bedeutung gewonnen. Daher ist das Erscheinungsbild der Email-Signatur fast ebenso wichtig, wie das der gedruckten Geschäftspapiere. Eine einfache und einheitliche Umsetzung der Signaturen ist der Firmengruppe Riedel Bau daher sehr wichtig. Mit der Software "eMailSignature" konnte unser definiertes Lastenheft für eine Email-Signatur ohne Abstriche 1:1 umgesetzt werden. Die Installation und Einführung der Software war simpel und unproblematisch. Der Ansprechpartner war äußerst fachkundig und kompetent."

 WEGO-Flexodruck GmbH Germany Andre Kruse, EDV/IT

"Durch die Umfirmierung zur prepacgroup wurde es notwendig, die E-Mail Signaturen von ca. 100 Benutzern an 4 Standorten zu ändern und zu vereinheitlichen. Das Programm eMailSignature stellt dabei sicher, dass alle Mitarbeiter einheitliche und gesetzes- konforme E-Mail Signaturen benutzen. Der administrative Aufwand zur Verteilung der E-Mail Signaturen wurde durch die Nutzung der Benutzerdaten aus dem Active Directory und die einfache Verteilung der Signaturen erheblich verkleinert."

 Bickhardt Bau AG Outlook E-Mail Signatur Michael Wildner, Informationstechnologie

"Die Bickhardt Bau AG setzt eMailSignature seit ca. einem ¾ Jahr in einer sehr heterogenen Infrastruktur mit Erfolg ein. Der Entscheidung für eMailSignature liegt in einem geringen administrativem Aufwand, sowie eines einfachen Rollouts begründet und hat sich auch in der Praxis bestätigt."

 Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG Deutschland Alexander Frick, Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG

"Wir setzen eMailsignature schon seit ca. fünf Jahren ein und ich kann nur positives berichten. Die Software ist einfach aufgebaut, funktioniert gut, braucht keine Installation. Klare Weiterempfehlung."

 Krebsliga Germany Stefan Sollberger, System Administrator

"Die Kommunikationsabteilung verlangt bei der eMailSignatur einen einheitlichen Auftritt; Angaben in der Signatur über Kampagnen sollten bei allen Mitarbeitern aktuell sein. Um diese Anforderungen umzusetzen, schaute sich die IT-Abteilung nach einem Tool um, welches flexibel, einfach und ohne Installationen auf dem Mailserver in die bestehende Umgebung integriert werden kann, Gruppen und Benutzer sollten vom Active Directory übernommen werden können. Verschiedene Tests mit Konkurrenzprodukten haben gezeigt, dass eMailSignature für unsere Bedürfnisse die beste Lösung ist."