eMailSignature modules

  • Emails look professional when sent from mobile devices

  • Schedule campaigns and track results

  • Emails look professional when sent from Outlook Web

  • Extra flexibility by integrating with other sources than AD

  • An easy way to keep your Active Directory up-to-date

  • Compliant Email Signatures sent from mobile devices and tablets
  • Schedule and target marketing messages below the email signature
  • Compliant Email Signatures in Outlook Web
  • Extra flexibility
    with SQL data source and Rule-based deployment
  • Quickly update and maintain user information in Active Directory
  • The eMailSignature™ Mobile Module enables you to maintain a professional appearance no matter which device you use. eMailSignature guarantees a consistent look and feel across Android, iPhone®, Windows® and BlackBerry® phones and lets you include images, logos and links in your email signature.

    The next time you send an email from your smartphone, you can have a consistent email signature and promote your company’s events and press releases instead of advertising for the maker of your smartphone. Learn more.

  • eMailSignature lets you use the ‘dead space’ of your email signature to include images, links, advertising messages, brand campaigns and more!

    Think about it. Every day employees sends a lot of emails from their personal inbox and every one of them to a targeted and trusting audience. It is highly likely that the open rate is around 100%! So why not take advantage of this effective, low-cost marketing channel?

    Let us do the math: if your business has around 500 employees and each of them sends only 20 emails in an average working day, that is 10,000 emails sent, opened and read every single day.
    In a year we are talking around 2.4 million emails that could be working harder for your brand.

  • With eMailSignatures Outlook Web module, the same signature that appears in Outlook can now appear on emails sent remotely through Outlook Web. No longer will your contact know if an email is sent from home or from the office. No longer will you have different email signatures based on where the email is sent from.

  • Complete your email signatures with data from other sources than AD. Use the rule-based deployment to distribute different signatures across different units, groups and divisions. 

    Data sources:
    Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Intranets, ORACLE, Microsoft SharePoint, SQL data sources etc.

  • The PhoneBook is designed to provide an efficient means of keeping your user contact data accurate and current in your Active Directory.

    Using the PhoneBook, you will want to grant someone (or Helpdesk) permission to change user information in Active Directory with a user friendly interface.

    Because the Active Directory data will now be displayed in the user’s email signature it will be in the user’s own interest to ensure its accuracy.

    So, regardless of how many users you have in your Active Directory, the PhoneBook provides an easy and efficient means of ensuring that the data in your Active Directory is both accurate and up-to-date.