eMailSignature AD Update module

Quickly update and maintain user information in Active Directory

The AD-Update module is designed to provide an efficient means of keeping your user contact data accurate and current in your Active Directory.
This is accomplished by putting your users in charge of their own data, but in a controlled manner.

In eMailSignature you to specify which information can be updated by users. You can specify that all users need to make updates or you may specify updates just for specific users.

Once you trigger an update of the Active Directory, user will be presented with a form for editing their data. The form will appear the next time they logon (or run Sign.exe).

Because the Active Directory data is displayed in the user’s email signatures it is in the user’s own interest to ensure its accuracy.
So, regardless of how many users you have in your Active Directory, the AD-Update module provides an easy and efficient means of ensuring that the data in your Active Directory is both accurate and current.

The result is an updated AD with minimal workload for IT.

Activate AD Update

  1. Open eMailSignature > Modules, AD Update.
  2. You specify which data fields can be updated by users and which users will be required to make the updates:

    Note: First Name, Last Name, Middle Initials and Title are dimmed and cannot be updated using AD Update.

    A quick way to get the AD up to date is selecting 'Users must update their AD information first time their run eMailSignature'.

    To specify that the user must verify and update his contact information in AD, select the user and double-click the column Force update next time.
    The value is changed to 'YES'. Only users that have executed Sign.exe can be selected.

  3. When Sign.exe is executed, Please Verify Your Directory Information screen will appear with editable fields highlighted.

  4. When users click 'Save', their changes are saved in AD.

Setting AD permissions for AD Update

Depending on your infrastructure, users might already have access to edit their own information in AD without any permission issues.

If users cannot update their own AD information, you need to ensure that users have sufficient permission.

Specifying permissions for AD fields

This example shows you how to change the permission to edit the Fax Number field for a user called JD (John Doe).

  1. Select the user in AD Users and Computers and right-click and click Properties.
  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. If the user doesn't already exist in the list, then add him by clicking the 'add' button, search for the user and add him to the list.
  4. Click the 'Advanced' button and you see some options for modifying security for this object:

    Select the item which is most relevant.
    In this example we choose the item SELF 'Read/Write Phone and Mail Options' and click 'Edit'.

  5. You will now see a screen where you on a detailed level can set the options for this user.
    In this case we want the user to have modify rights on the Fax number field so we check the Allow columns for read and write for the Fax Number.

  6. Click 'OK' and the user JD is now allowed to update the fax number field in AD.