eMailSignature Assistant module

Assistant will use the email signature data from the manager

With the Assistant module, you can easily provide that one person's email signatures will be available to others. This is great for businesses where secretaries, paralegals and others frequently send on behalf of others.

Emails sent by an assistant using the Send on Behalf of feature of Exchange will use the email signature data from the manager - and not the assistant - ensuring consistency throughout.

With the Assistant module we introduce two new ways of offering other people's signatures:

  1. Manual
  2. Automatic

Manual selection

You only need the license key to enable this module and then you can select other people's signatures. It works like adding people to the 'to line' when composing an email - add the additional signatures for other users by adding them in the box as shown. Simply just select the other person’s signature by right-clicking the email signature .and then select the other person’s signature. Simple, easy and intuitive.

Automatic database driven selection

The database driven way of writing other people's signatures require the Integration Module

Description on the way..