eMailSignature Integration module

Extra flexibility with SQL data source and rule-based deployment

Pull email signature information from existing data sources with advanced rule-based deployment.
This is more flexible than using Active Directory OUs/groups.

The integration module is also used when integrating with SharePoint (custom projects).

Data sources

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SQL data sources

How to configure

  1. Request new license key.
  2. The license key activates the integration module:

  3. Add data source:

  4. Select rules:

  5. Setup rules for email signature deployment:

How to refresh a data source

You need to refresh the data source if you have made changes to the field names, added or removed fields from your view, table or stored procedure.

eMailSignature > Modules, Integration, Manager.

Select the source you wish to refresh, click 'verify' and reselect the 'Name of field identifying users'. Then save it.

Now the data source is refreshed. If you were working on a signature that was using this data source, then please reselect and now the source is refreshed.

Note: Remember to refresh the data source every time you have made changes as described. It is done this way to improve performance when you run sign.exe