eMailSignature BlackBerry module

Compliant email signatures sent from BlackBerry smartphones

The BlackBerry module integrates directly into the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and the signatures are immediately available on the device itself.
It is a smooth, flexible and ultra scalable solution which is fast and reliable.

Please note that this solution only works if you have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment in-house or in a hosted environment.

It's not possible to add images and logos to the auto signature in BlackBerry smartphones but you can add the text based email signature which is the default format in BB devices. This is due to limitation in the blackberry BES.

You can see the email signature on your device when you enter the autosignature setup in the 'options?' menu.


BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 or higher.

Enabling the BlackBerry module

To ensure that the module is enabled please check the 'enabled' check mark and save it.

You are now ready to deploy signatures to your BES.

Entering the BlackBerry setup pane

To enter the BlackBerry setup pane, please open eMailSignature and click the 'Mobile' tab. It is required that you have the license for "eMailSignature for BlackBerry smartphones".

There is two items. One item for status monitoring and the other item is to access the actual setup and connectivity.

eMailSignature BES Integration menu

Status monitoring

When you need to check the status for deployment, simply type the account name of the person you need to check the status for, and you will see a full log including deployment status and the signature being written.


When you click 'BES Settings' you will see this screen:

eMailSignature BlackBerry smartphone setup

We will walk through each of the steps in this article.

Connection string and permissions

Connection string to the BES. eMailSignature connects to the BES through OLEDB like the rest of eMailSignature as we assume that there is an SQL Server behind the BES.

Contact us with your license key for details information on which permissions are needed for you to run this module successfully.

You can test the connection by clicking the 'test' button.

Next you need to select which identifier you want to use between the BES and eMailSignature. Leave the BES to MailboxSMPTAddr and eMailSignature to custom_str11 which is default. YOu can select another identifier if you have a really good reason for this. Please save and confirm your connection is successful.

Retrieve signatures

Enter the email address (the AD smtp mail address) into the email field and click 'Get eMailSignature'. This will retrieve the default signature in plain text format and show it in the box. Please note that it is essential that you create a plain text version of your default signature as this will be written to the BES.

You can also retrieve the existing BES signature by clicking 'Get BES Signature' and you will instantly see the signature for that user in the box. This functionality is only for verification and to test that you can retrieve both signatures and also test the deployment.

Deploy a signature to BES

After having completed the above steps you can write the signature to the BES. Simply click the 'Write Signature' button and you will see a status message showing the connection , signature, attempt to write and final status message. It will look like this (note that the button is not active before you can retrieve a signature in step 2.

Now the signature is deployed to your device and you should be able to use the new signature few seconds after the update.

Once this step is done and you confirm that the test went OK, you can continue to deploying the signatures to all users.

Deploying the email signature to the BlackBerry devices

After having completed the test above you are now ready to deploy the signatures for all users. The deployment works like sign.exe and it will deploy the signatures on a per user basis. You basically need to run one file after you run sign.exe, which is signBB.exe. This file can be obtained by contacting eMailSignature where we will confirm your license key and send a link to the file.

Once the file has been received you need to test it for yourself before putting it in your NETLOG script for execution (or whatever your preferred method of deployment is). Simply run the file for yourself by double-clicking it and confirm that the signature updates on your BlackBerry device. It will update instantly byusing the same settings as above.

Confirming the update you place the file in your NETLOG flder as with sign.exe and make sure you run this file after you ran sign.exe. Please make sure you run sign.exe before signBB.exe to get the latest updates.

Getting the files

Please contact us to receive your files and license for the BlackBerry module.